Page Technology Marketing, Inc.
About Us

Welcome to Page Technology Marketing, Inc., a trailblazing Microsoft Registered Font Vendor that stands at the forefront of typographic innovation. Established in 2005, our journey has been one marked by a relentless commitment to redefining communication through meticulously crafted typefaces. As a dedicated team with a profound passion for typography and design, we embark on a mission to revolutionize the way businesses and individuals express themselves.

Our Genesis

Page Technology Marketing, Inc. was born out of a shared vision among a group of typography enthusiasts who recognized the transformative power of fonts in shaping visual identities. Fuelled by a commitment to excellence, we set out to create a platform that not only delivers fonts but elevates them to the status of indispensable tools for designers, developers, and businesses alike.

Microsoft Registered Font Vendor

Being a Microsoft Registered Font Vendor is not just a label; it's a testament to our unwavering dedication to quality and adherence to industry standards. This accreditation signifies that our fonts meet the rigorous criteria set by Microsoft, ensuring compatibility, security, and optimal performance across a myriad of applications and platforms.

Innovation at the Core

Innovation is the beating heart of Page Technology Marketing, Inc. We continuously push the boundaries of font technology, embracing emerging trends, and integrating cutting-edge features to provide our clients with fonts that are not just visually appealing but also technologically advanced. Our commitment to innovation is reflected in every curve, serif, and sans-serif in our extensive font library.

Empowering Your Projects

At Page Technology Marketing, Inc., we understand that fonts are not merely tools; they are the voice of your brand, the essence of your design, and the storytellers of your content. Our fonts are meticulously crafted to empower your projects, offering a diverse range of styles and personalities. From elegant and timeless serifs to modern and dynamic sans-serifs, our library is a treasure trove for creators seeking to make a lasting impact.

Beyond Fonts - A Comprehensive Approach

We go beyond being mere purveyors of fonts; we offer a comprehensive approach to font solutions. Our services encompass font licensing, ensuring the legal and secure use of premium fonts. For those seeking a distinctive identity, our custom font development service allows you to craft a unique typeface tailored to your brand. Font consulting is another facet of our offerings, providing expert guidance on font selection and usage. Additionally, our typography workshops aim to enhance the skills of individuals and teams, fostering a deeper understanding of the art of typography.

Typography as an Art Form

At Page Technology Marketing, Inc., we view typography as more than a technicality; it's an art form. Our team of skilled designers and typographers understands the nuances of type design, paying attention to every detail to ensure that our fonts resonate with the aesthetics and emotions intended by the creator. Whether you're a seasoned designer or a budding enthusiast, we invite you to delve into the art of typography with us.

Community and Collaboration

We believe in the power of community and collaboration. Our journey is not just about delivering fonts; it's about building connections and fostering a community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for design and expression. Through collaboration, we aim to push the boundaries of creativity and inspire each other to reach new heights.
Stay Connected with Page Technology Marketing, Inc.

As we continue our journey, we invite you to stay connected with Page Technology Marketing, Inc. Follow our blog for insights into the latest trends in typography, design tips, and behind-the-scenes stories of our font development process. Join our community forums to engage with fellow designers, share your experiences, and seek advice.

Thank you for being a part of our story. At Page Technology Marketing, Inc., the journey is as significant as the destination, and we look forward to shaping the future of typography together.